Civil society shows the way on Brahmaputra talks

Countries sharing the Brahmaputra River have spent decades deliberating over cooperative strategies to develop the potential of the basin. Yet, little progress has been made so far at the government-to ...

01 Nov 2018

Hilsa fisherfolk need our attention

20 Oct 2018

Bangladesh is an inspiring example for river activism: Mark Angelo

23 Sep 2018

Why 'River Rights Day'?

River People is observing River Rights Day 2018 in Bangladesh ...

17 Aug 2018

Being human in Assam: India can’t strip the citizenship of people who have built a life here for 47 years

A lot of us know there’s a refugee problem in ...

06 Aug 2018

Beat the plastic, bail the river

World Environment Day is focusing on plastic pollution this year. ...

05 Jun 2018

China’s actions threaten the fragile Himalayan ecosystems, India must speak up before it’s too late

From its rush to mine gold in a border area ...

02 Jun 2018