Cultivation of Malta gains popularity in Narsingdi

The farming of Malta, a juicy citrus fruit enriched with vitamin C, is gaining popularity among farmers in Shibpur and Belabo upazilas of the district.Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) officials encouraged farmers and given them training for cultivating Multa from ...

26 Oct 2020

Cultivation of Malta gains popularity in Narsingdi

Mill owners, wholesalers, middlemen involved in profiteering conspiracy: Agriculture Minister

Agriculture Minister Dr Md Abdur Razzak said that the mill owners, wholesalers and middlemen are involved in various conspiracies simultaneously ...

25 Oct 2020

Retail price of potato fixed at Tk35 per kg

The Department of Agriculture Marketing has fixed the new price of potato in a meeting with representatives of cold storage ...

20 Oct 2020

Dragon fruit farming creates entrepreneurs in Rajshahi

Asadul Islam Helal has exposed himself as a new successful entrepreneur by involving in dragon fruit farming in Rajshahi Barind ...

13 Oct 2020

282 jute goods declared as ‘versatile jute products’

Considering the demand in domestic and international markets and the global expansion of jute industry, the government has declared 282 ...

11 Oct 2020

Equal tariff planned to promote solar-powered irrigation pumps

The government has planned to make the tariff of solar-run irrigation pumps equal to that of the grid electricity-run irrigation ...

14 Sep 2020