Govt urges all not to spread propaganda on social media

Published: 13 Oct 2020

Online Desk

The government today urged all concerned to refrain from spreading all kinds of propaganda through social media to protect the image of the country.

“Action will be taken against those, who are found involved with spreading propaganda on social media,” an official release said on Tuesday, reports BSS.

It has been noticed recently that untrue, fabricated, misleading and provocative statements about the government, public representatives, army officers, police officers and members of the law enforcement agencies are being spread through various social media, that is why the government has placed such request to the people.

The government has patiently observed the activities of these propagandists and their collaborators and has come to the conclusion that in order to maintain stability and internal law and order of the country and for the public interest, urgent legal action needs to be taken against the perpetrators so that the existing peaceful environment of the country may continue without raising any hatred in the minds of the people.