Ashrayan project makes landless families self-reliant and happy

Published: 08 Feb 2021

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About 250 landless poor families, living in the five Ashrayan projects in the district, special initiatives taken by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, have been spending life with happiness and solvency.

The government is not only providing housing facilities to the beneficiaries under the programme, it also providing them with necessary training on different income-generating activities to make them economically self-reliant.

BSS correspondent recently visited Ashrayan projects at Polash, Shibpur, Monohardi and Raipura upazilas of the district and found that family members of the Ashrayan projects are carrying out better life taking various income generating activities.

Talking to BSS, Rina Begum, 38, of Shimulartak Ashrayan project at Polash upazila said she started her duck rearing farm in 2015 under the Ashrayan project. At the preliminary stage she received training from the local upazila livestock office on duck rearing including its proper feeding and vaccination.

Now she earns monthly about Taka 7000 to 8000 selling eggs and ducks. She said she is now happy, her daughter and son now going to school and they are getting their educational expenses from my earnings.

Like Rina Begum, members of 130 landless families are now living better life in the Shimulartak Ashrayan project taking various income generating projects including duck rearing, poultry farm, vegetable farming, fish farming, banana gardening, grocery shop and sewing clothes. Their children are also now going to school and madrasas.

“Once we lived under a number of sheds on the road side near Ghorashal Rail Station now we have got a permanent house to live.” said Bilkis Begum and another housewife.

Their eyes were filled with tears when they were recalling their earlier hardships. They said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina launched the Ashrayan projects which have already become popular among landless people in the district.

Abul Miah, 40, a vegetable farmer of North Sadarchar Ashrayan project in Shibpur upazila said he along with other marginal people are farming vegetables. There is some abandoned land in the project where they are cultivating vegetables. The poor and destitute people are happy getting shelter there, he added.

Rahana Begum, a housewife of Rampur Ashrayan project of Monohardi upazila said she is now busy sewing clothes and earning monthly about Taka 5000 to 6000 and she is happy with her husband and two daughters getting shelter in the project.

Hosnaara Begum, another housewife of Mahamudpur Ashrayan project of Raipura upazila said she and her family members used to live on the bank of the river Meghna before getting shelter in the project area. Now the government has given us a shelter. We are cultivating vegetables as well rearing poultry.

May Allah bless Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her government, she said in an emotion choked voice.

Chairman of Raipura Upazila Parishad Abdus Sadeque said the genuine landless ultra-poor and shelter-less people have got accommodation facilities under Government Ashrayan project.

Additional Deputy Commissioner (Revenue) Shahina Parvin said the Ashrayan project is one of the ten special initiatives of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

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