Bathrooms, solar street lights reconstructed at Dhaka Match Colony

Published: 05 Mar 2021     Updated: 05 Mar 2021

Online Desk

A shared eight toilets, one bathing place and six solar street lights were inaugurated at Dhaka Match Colony on Thursday (March 4). 

It was implemented under the auspices of Plan International Bangladesh, Bangladesh Youth Environmental Initiative (BYEI) and Population Service and Training Center (PSTC) who has established earth club within that community to create awareness among the residents about environmental health, sustainable living and environmental friendly behavior, said a press release.

These three organizations have collaborated in one project called ‘Featuring Green Earth Project’ to improve people’s knowledge and behaviour on climate and environment. 

In this initiative Ward Councilor-59 of Dhaka Match Colony Akash Kumar Bhaumik, Project Manager of PSTC- FGE Project Nahid Zahan, and Project Manager of Plan International Bangladesh Manik Kumar Saha were present, among others. 

This initiative has been taken to improve environmental health of that community. Which was unhealthy before because of lack of proper of sanitation facility. There were total eight toilets in that place divided among men, women and children. But because leaking water in the nearby areas the structure of the toilets was damaged. 

As a result, most of the toilets became unusable. However, people were still using some of those toilets but without proper facilities like hygiene and cleanliness. It was not only threat to their health but also for surrounding environment. Now, it is reconstructed for future use in which five of them are for women and children and three are for men. 

Additionally, as they have identified the community has lack of safety and visibility at night because of light poles which brightens an area at night. Furthermore, they out of coverage of national electrical grid. As a result, a lot of the area goes dark after evening. Given this circumstances, organization like Plan International Bangladesh, PSTC and BYEI has decided to donate six new solar street lights. 

A total of 44 families in the nearby of block- B of Dhaka Match Colony will be benefited from this initiative in which there are 260 people. However, it is only one block (Block-B) among three blocks in total in Dhaka Match Colony.