Girls empowered with e-Education

Published: 08 Apr 2021

Arif Ullah Khan

The prosperity of any country specifically lies in the education of its population. It is stated that education is the backbone of a nation. However, like many other developing countries, in Bangladesh, the majority of the female population lags behind due to the inadequate scope of learning opportunities. 

The good news is that the government has initiated free education for rural female students up to HSC. In this matter, many Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and urban students can play a role to urge those unprivileged girls to educate themselves. Among many of such initiatives, of the e-Education Project, Japan, in collaboration with BacBon Limited, Bangladesh, can be mentioned. 

The e-Education Project started in 2010; and every year they are conducting

this project for University Admission Test Preparation. Since the beginning of COVID-19 Online Tutoring, English Learning Project, Local English Correction Service also has initiated. They are working to eradicate the darkness of illiteracy; and female students’ have always been their targeted community to ensure equality in society. The e-Education Japan is making a significant contribution to this process of increasing the rate of female education.

Usually, admission test coaching charges a lot and not everyone can afford it. So the e-Education Admission Test Preparation course was the only savior for those who couldn't afford other options. Without this, many of the female students dream of entering higher studies and being self-reliant wouldn't have been possible. 

Since 2012, 320 female students were able to take part in the admission test preparation almost free of cost. Earlier years only few female students joined this project, after having increasing number of successful cases in Chandpur nowadays more than 50% of the students joining the program are female. 

Currently, more than 200 female students have enrolled and graduated from public universities by receiving an opportunity to pursue higher studies between 2012-2019. e-Education Japan’s goal is to ensure that one day each and every woman in the developing countries will become independent.

The education system in our country is very limited than the required, and so the opportunities for female students are more limited. The e-Education, Japan is playing a great role to fulfil the dreams of many Tanzinas. They are conducting many educational projects in Bangladesh with the coordination of BacBon Limited. 

We hope that this noble project will continue to play an influential role in shaping the female education sector of Bangladesh and leave a positive impact on our female students, making them more empowered and self-reliant with the light of education.

Writer: Executive Director, BacBon Limited