Decision on way to keep bank open during lockdown

Published: 13 Apr 2021

Samakal Correspondent

The government has considering to keep the bank open for a limited period during the 'complete lockdown' from April 14 to 21 across the country.

The Cabinet Division on Tuesday sent a letter to Bangladesh Bank requesting it to provide banking services for special needs. Following this, the central bank is going to take this decision.

An official of the central bank said that work is underway to keep the banking service in compliance with the health guidelines. Besides, online banking, internet and mobile banking are also available.

Earlier on Monday, the central bank had said that bank branches would be closed from April 14 to 21, but bank branches in the port areas could be kept open.

After this decision, there was a huge crowd in the banks of different parts of the country, including the capital, from Tuesday morning. Customers in many branches of the capital also complained that they were not getting the money they demanded.

Due to the decision to close the banks, the central bank had increased the limit for cash withdrawals from ATM booths of banks up to Tk one lakh per day. At present, it is possible to withdraw Tk50,000 a day with most bank cards and more with some banks. The same limit is applicable from the booth of client's own bank and the booth of another bank.

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