Foreign travel of central bank officials cancelled

Published: 18 May 2022     Updated: 18 May 2022

Samakal Correspondent

All directives for officers and employees of the Bangladesh Bank to travel abroad using central bank funds have been restricted.

Furthermore, the central bank has chosen to discontinue subsidizing and partially financing international travel.

As a result, Bangladesh Bank executives and workers were barred from traveling abroad, participating in educational activities, and attending seminars and workshops.

However, according to a Bangladesh Bank internal order, individuals can travel abroad for medical treatment and Hajj on their own expenses.

Employees of state-owned, autonomous, semi-government agencies, state-owned banks, and financial institutions were ordered to cease going abroad by the finance ministry earlier on Monday. This decision has now been made by the central bank.

Foreign travel by the officials of state-owned, autonomous, semi-government institutions, state-owned banks, and financial institutions would be prohibited, according to a circular published by the Ministry of Finance's Finance Department.

To relieve the burden on reserves and ease the dollar problem, the Bangladesh Bank is prohibiting the import of luxury items. Government officials and staff have been banned from traveling abroad as a result of this.