Best Food Delivery Apps in Bangladesh in 2021

Published: 15 Mar 2021     Updated: 15 Mar 2021

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In 2021, getting food delivered to your home in Bangladesh is easier than ever. Our food delivery startups have matured over the last seven years. However, Bangladesh saw its first food delivery service in 2013 through HungryNaki. After that, a lot of delivery startups emerged and sank, including the international giants. With the smartphone's availability, ordering food from home has been becoming a common norm in Bangladesh. Here we have listed the best food delivery apps in Bangladesh in 2021.

Top Food Delivery Apps in Bangladesh


Foodapanda is one of the most popular food delivery apps in Asia and Eastern Europe, which operates in 14 countries currently. They started the operation in Bangladesh in December 2013. Since then, Foodpanda has become one of the top food delivery apps in Bangladesh.

However, Foodpanda covers 50 cities in Bangladesh. And, they are determined to cover more cities in the future. Currently, they offer foods from 2000+ restaurants/ cafes in Bangladesh, and many are adding every day.

The ordering system is really easy as you can download the app from Google Play or App Store. After installing the app, you just need to sign up and start ordering. However, you can pay the fees via debit/ credit card or even cash on delivery. You can search for the restaurants near you and select from the available menus. Besides the regular promotions and vouchers can get you discounts most of the time.


eFood is a recent addition to the food delivery apps in Bangladesh from the Fooecommerce platform Evaly. However, they started providing services in 2020. You can order food via their website or mobile apps. But the eFood app is available only for Android phones; they did not bring apps for iPhones yet.


Unlike Foodpanda, eFood doesn’t have a wide range of restaurants on its list. They provide food from some selective restaurants. Though they are still growing, eFood already created a buzz in the community. It got popularity due to the cashback from Evaly, through which users can order food for almost free.

However, eFood does not offer cash on delivery. A user will need to pay advance through debit/ credit card or the balance from their eWallet. But the customers will have to pay the delivery cost of 40 Taka as cash to the delivery man. The delivery person gets the 40 Taka as their service fee.

Primarily eFood offers its service in Dhaka and Chittagong only.


HungryNaki is the pioneer of the food delivery system in Bangladesh. They started the service in early 2013, which is available for both Android and iPhones. However, they also have the option to order from the website. HungryNaki recently sold to Daraz, which may provide a great and improved experience to the customers.


Currently, HungryNaki provides service to the eight cities in Bangladesh, which covers more than 5000 restaurants, home kitchens, cloud kitchens, and caterers. You can easily open a HungryNaki account via their website or mobile app. The easy interface in the app and website makes the food ordering process super easy. However, the customer will need to place an order for a minimum amount to get delivered.

Pathao Food

Despite being a ride-sharing service, Pathao has been doing great in food delivery service. They are already ahead in the game by covering 5000+ restaurants within a short time. However, Pathao Food is available in three cities in Bangladesh, including Dhaka Chittagong and Sylhet.

Top- Bangladeshi-food-apps

You don’t need to download an extra app to order via Pathao Food. You will get the food ordering option in their ride-sharing app. Hence the process becomes simple. From the drop-down menu on the left, you will need to select the Pathao Food option, and you will get to see the listed restaurants in your selected area. Next, you can choose a restaurant and order your favorite food.

Currently, they provide cash on delivery service, and they will introduce the online payment system soon.

Shohoz Food

Shohoz is also a ride-sharing service, which later introduced the food delivery service. They have different services, and food delivery is just a wing. You can download the Shohoz app for your Android or iPhones and get all services from one place.


Shohoz has partnered with 1200+ restaurants in Dhaka. The easily accessed menu in the apps makes the ordering process simple. You can access the full list of the restaurant from both websites and mobile apps. However, the frequent discount offer makes the service lucrative. Despite the huge traffic in Dhaka, Shohoz aims to provide delivery in a timely manner. Apart from the app, a registered user can order the foods from the website too. The delivery charge for Shohoz food is between 50 to 70 Taka.

Shopway App

Shopway is a new food delivery service in Bangladesh, which covers food, groceries, and other products. However, they only provide service in the Bashundhara Residential area and Mirpur DOHS. Although they started in a small area of the city, they have an aim to expand all over Dhaka very soon.


The best thing about Shopway App is that you can choose the delivery time according to your availability. Your ordered food will be delivered at your selected time. So, you can order in advance, but the payment system is cash on delivery. Moreover, the delivery charge is cheaper than other food delivery service companies. The Shopway charges 30 to 50 Taka depending on the location. However, they are new but seem promising.


Many of you may wonder why Uber Eats is not listed here. UberEats shut down its business in Bangladesh. The Covid-19 pandemic hit them hard and made it difficult for them to survive. The services we mentioned here are highly promising. They always try to keep their customers happy and retain recurring customers. Though delivering food on time becomes tough sometimes due to heavy traffic. But still, those food delivery services are trying their best to provide on-time delivery.