Digital Citizenship

Published: 19 Jan 2022     Updated: 19 Jan 2022

Elma Hoque Sharna

We are living in the ‘Digital Age’. It will not be farfetched to conclude that the nearly two years’ long battle with COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the importance of digitalization in our society. Many traditional means of regular pursuits have been swapped by online means such as - online classes, online job screening, e-commerce shopping, and online health services etc. Amidst this quantum jump, the youths are adversely affected as they are inclined to spend more time with electronic devices than in person human interaction. That is why, youths should be more aware about the ‘Digital Citizenship’ concept. 

‘Digital Citizenship’ is applicable to every human being who are connected to their digital devices and interacting online worldwide. An ideal digital citizen will have the knowledge and skill sets to effectively use digital technologies to connect with each other, participate in activities and consume digital information in the form of news, article, media etc. Consciously, observing online behavior and fact checking before sharing any contents are the initial steps towards becoming an Ideal Digital Citizen. 

Nowadays many offline crimes are being committed based on online arguments or disagreements. Which is why, recognizing factual information and observing our interactions in online platforms is so crucial today. Being disrespectful, harassing and bulling across online platforms is a very common phenomenon these days. Therefore one has to act responsibly in digital world, to deterrent the threats and crimes that stems from online interactions. By maintaining online etiquettes, the Netizen can ensure constructive participation in online platforms. 

So, are we a responsible digital citizen? Do we maintain online etiquettes? If not, now is the time to reflect upon ourselves and take corrective measures to positively change our online behaviors and transform into an Ideal Digital Citizen. 

Elma Hoque Sharna : A development practitioner working at Dnet