Rumin Farhana barred at Ashuganj on her way to Brahmanbaria rally

Published: 08 Jan 2022

Brahmanbaria Correspondent, Ashuganj Correspondent

Rumin Farhana, a BNP MP from the reserved women's seat, alleged that police have created blockade on her way to Brahmanbaria to attend a rally there.

She claimed that police blocked her way to the Ujan Bhati Hotel in Ashuganj Upazila around 12:45 pm on Saturday.

The police detained her for an hour at Bhairab Toll Plaza on her way to Brahmanbaria, alleged Rumin Farhana adding that after much arguing, she left for Ashuganj Upazila via Syed Nazrul Islam Bridge (Bhairab-Ashuganj Road Bridge). 

Later, the police arrested her again on the bridge in Ashuganj, she continued saying that actually, the police are not allowing her to move me to Brahmanbaria.

Rumin Farhana said, “I have informed Deputy Commissioner, Superintendent of Police regarding the rally in Brahmanbaria. I have sent a text message thru my mobile phone. But none of them responded to me. I will go to my district. This is my right. By what law did the police arrest me? The police have no right to arrest me. The police surrounded me and took me to the Ujan Bhati Hotel in Ashuganj. I will hold a press conference from here.”

Meanwhile, the Brahmanbaria district administration has imposed section 144 in the municipal area due to calling for a rally of district BNP and Chhatra League at the same place at the same time in Brahmanbaria.

Section 144 is going on in the municipal area, including the meeting place Fulbaria Community Centre, from 6 am on Saturday.