Ball is in Xi's court - this is his response

Published: 04 Aug 2022     Updated: 04 Aug 2022

Online Desk

Not so long ago, Beijing's plan with Taiwan involved engagement. Young people from the mainland were backpacking around the self-ruled island, and businesses from Taiwan were popping up all over China.

However, the approach under Chinese President Xi Jinping has become much more belligerent, with ever more pressure being applied on Taipei.

Those with more militaristic tendencies in the upper echelons of power in Beijing must have secretly welcomed the visit by Ms Pelosi. It has provided an ideal excuse to ramp up the war games around Taiwan in preparation for what they see as the inevitable day when it will be seized by force.

For decades, China's Communist Party-controlled media has been churning out similar rhetoric on Taiwan, but the idea of a war to reclaim it never felt any closer.

That's not the case now.