Gandhi's glasses left in Bristol letterbox

A pair of Mahatma Gandhi's glasses are to go on sale after spending a weekend sticking halfway out of an auction house's letterbox.Staff at East Bristol Auctions found the glasses in a plain envelope on a Monday morning, reports BBC.Auctioneer ...

09 Aug 2020

Gandhi's glasses left in Bristol letterbox

UK considering a coin to commemorate Mahatma Gandhi

Britain is considering minting a coin to commemorate India's independence hero Mahatma Gandhi, amid growing interest in recognizing the contributions ...

02 Aug 2020

Oxford Corona vaccine triggers immune response

A coronavirus vaccine developed by the University of Oxford appears safe and triggers an immune response.Trials involving 1,077 people showed ...

20 Jul 2020

Shamima Begum can return to UK to fight for citizenship

British judges on Thursday ruled that Shamima Begum, a London schoolgirl who travelled to Syria to join Islamic State, should ...

16 Jul 2020

England reopens after lockdown

People relished their first pub drinks in more than three months, went to restaurants and finally got haircuts on Saturday ...

05 Jul 2020

UK will ditch travel quarantine for 75 countries

The British government will effectively ditch its air bridge plans and simply end coronavirus quarantine rules for those arriving from ...

03 Jul 2020