South Pole warming at three times the global rate over the last three decades

At the South Pole, considered the coldest point on Earth, temperatures are rising fast. So fast, in fact, that Kyle Clem and other climate researchers began to worry and wonder ...

04 Jul 2020

Light to moderate rain likely over country

02 Jul 2020

Hundreds of elephants found dead in Botswana

02 Jul 2020

Lightning strikes kill more than 100 in India

More than 100 people in northern India have been killed ...

26 Jun 2020

Light to moderate rain likely over country

Light to moderate rain with thundershowers is likely to occur ...

25 Jun 2020

The garden city learning to love the wild

Singapore likes to call itself a garden city, with trees ...

14 Jun 2020

Fossil of 2 million year old frog found in Argentina

Argentine paleontologists have uncovered fossilized remains of a rare species ...

09 Jun 2020

World Environment Day today

The World Environment Day is being observed in the country ...

05 Jun 2020