Greenhouse gas levels at new high

Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the main driver of climate change, hit record highs last year and have continued climbing this year, despite measures to halt the pandemic, the UN ...

23 Nov 2020

Dhaka’s deteriorating air quality triggers worsening coronavirus concern

22 Nov 2020

Light to moderate rain likely

20 Nov 2020

Heavy smog blankets Indian capital

Residents of the Indian capital are enduring one of the ...

10 Nov 2020

Trevelyan to support developing countries over climate change

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has appointed former Secretary of ...

07 Nov 2020

Nine insect-eating bird species in sharp decline

Bird species are in decline even in the remote parts ...

26 Oct 2020

India's cities look to become climate smarter

India's southern city of Hyderabad is known as a high-tech ...

26 Oct 2020

Air pollution killed 476,000 newborns in 2019: global study

 Air pollution killed 476,000 newborns in 2019, with the biggest ...

21 Oct 2020

Great Barrier Reef has lost half of its corals since 1995

Australia's Great Barrier Reef has lost more than half of ...

14 Oct 2020

More than 14m tonnes of plastic believed to be at the bottom of the ocean

At least 14m tonnes of plastic pieces less than 5mm ...

06 Oct 2020

Met office predicts rainfall with thundershowers

Bangladesh Meteorological Department (BMD) forecast light to moderate rain or ...

06 Oct 2020

Fires spike in Brazil’s Amazon, scientists say

The number of forest fires in Brazil’s Amazon increased sharply in ...

03 Oct 2020