Climate Vulnerability, Covid and SDG: Where do we stand?

From 1999 to 2018 in last 20 years, 12,000 extreme weather events occurred globally and that cost about 5,00,000 lives with a property loss of US$ 3.54 trillion. Bangladesh alone, ...

14 Oct 2020

Tale of Newspaper Reading

09 Oct 2020

World Rivers Day In The Time Of Pandemic

27 Sep 2020

Michelle Obama stirs up a Tinder storm

You can’t Tinder your way into a long-term relationship. So ...

13 Sep 2020

Starting new life in Finland

Ashif Khondoker was born in a small village called Padmapara, ...

09 Sep 2020

Artificial intelligence is the next top gun

A few months ago I was at Johns Hopkins University's ...

30 Aug 2020

River Rights Day to save rivers

Since 2015, while we decided to observe 17th August as ...

17 Aug 2020

Bangabandhu: He was a natural

It is the courage of Bangabandhu -- Sheikh Mujibur Rahman ...

15 Aug 2020

India's ocean, China's sea

Historically, the maritime domain has played a crucial role in ...

21 Jul 2020

Tampere - the Sauna Capital of the World

If you visit Finland without going to Sauna, you probably ...

05 Jul 2020

How to help your young child cope with the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has been stressful for all of us, ...

04 Jul 2020

Post-corona green recovery plans and progress in Bangladesh

Globally we are passing through unprecedented complex situation and often ...

02 Jul 2020

World’s digital walls grow higher

The global internet is fracturing. And people like Anusmita Dutta ...

01 Jul 2020

New Starting Point, New Hope

China and Bangladesh are good neighbors and good partners. Especially ...

01 Jul 2020

Health minister’s bizarre claim

Yet again, Health Minister Zahid Maleque hogged the headlines for ...

26 Jun 2020