The New Journalism: In order to adapt to the necessity of the new era, we have to constantly change

The New Journalism: In order to adapt to the necessity of the new era, we have to constantly change

Mustafiz Shafi

Youth Participation and Leadership in Politics Crucial

Youth Participation and Leadership in Politics Crucial

Barrister Shah Ali Farhad

Towards a brighter export-led Bangladesh Economy

An important pillar of growth saga of Bangladesh is the performance of Bangladesh’s export sector. While the export was only ...

Dr. Nazneen Ahmed | 18 Jan 2020

Education curriculum should be an attractive enough that makes the class room more interesting

There is no denying the fact that the education system currently practiced in Bangladesh is never in keeping with the ...

Rasheda Rawnak Khan | 19 Jan 2020

The youth must take initiatives to solve social, global and business problems

I was just a fresh engineering graduate when I started my career at Bata Shoe Company. At that time I ...

Sabbir Hasan Nasir | 20 Jan 2020

Digital Video: The global perspective and Bangladesh

More than 50% of the world's internet traffic is people watching videos online. Over the last few years there has ...

Navidul Huq | 21 Jan 2020

Growing along with the satisfaction of serving the humanity

If we are to find out sectors that are yet to come to its fullest potential in Bangladesh then healthcare ...

Nazeem A. Choudhury | 22 Jan 2020

Infrastructural and skill development needs more focus for industrialization

Despite citing a long list of challenges. Bangladesh is unique role model among world. Inadequate infrastructure, shortage of skilled resources ...

Mizanur Rahman | 23 Jan 2020

Take control of your own health and focus on preventive health

A few years ago, my mother was hospitalized for a basic operation in one of Bangladesh’s top hospitals. When she ...

Sylvana Q. Sinha | 25 Jan 2020

Volunteerism is not a choice, it’s a responsibility

Bangladesh is a country in transition with many opportunities but also with massive challenges. Widespread poverty, overpopulation and poor governance ...

Online Desk | 26 Jan 2020

Surely the odds will phase out but the even will stand out in Bangladesh capital market

Wall Street (NYSE) is the heart of Manhattan, NY, USA - we all know that, right? I believe that in ...

Md. Tareq Ibrahim | 27 Jan 2020

Remain a student and an avid learner, you are bound to stumble upon success and joy

Beauty and Grooming is just not a desire but also a need in every society; it is hygiene which is ...

Afroza Parveen | 28 Jan 2020

Limitless Dreams

What is the current status of Bengali Cinema? The answer is well known to everyone; not very well! Day by ...

Aparna Ghosh | 29 Jan 2020

Beautiful ‘Underrated’ Bangladesh

Beautiful ‘Underrated’ BangladeshClose your eyes. Now imagine, you have a long holiday and you will get 50% off. Where do ...

Ridwan Hafiz | 31 Jan 2020

Diversifying our energy sources is of utmost importance

Starting a Journey at any establishment in a professional organization is like graduating from high school and moving on to ...

Tanveer Azam Chowdhury | 01 Feb 2020

Women member of Bangladesh police: Changing the views

Bangladesh police, the major law enforcing agency of Bangladesh have extended the opportunity of women police involvement in its all ...

Kamrun Nessa | 02 Feb 2020

Growth always lives with challenges and risk

According to a report of Central Intelligence Agency, with an age less than 50 years and more than 43% of its ...

Muiz Tasnim Taqui | 03 Feb 2020

Startup industry: Creating impact for the society

I used to work in China just before I started working with my startup in last year. I used to ...

Mehedi Reza | 04 Feb 2020

Tomorrow is full of dreams and possibilities

The technological development influences most widely and intensely in our daily life. It has crucial impact in our personal life, ...

Sadat Hossain | 06 Feb 2020

Goodwill always turns into best business: Paper cup-A Green Business

The idea came when I was performing hajj with my mother in November 2010. I was given some dates and ...

Kazi Sazedur Rahman | 08 Feb 2020